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A Zoning Update for the City’s Resurgence

“We are working through a final draft of the new code. We anticipate a public draft being made available Summer 2024.  Thank you for your patience.

August 2021 Project Update

Latest Project Timeline Below is the latest project timeline to complete the proposed zoning code. Once drafts have been reviewed by staff, they will be released for public review and comment. End of October – completed full draft ready for internal review by City staff. November to March (2022) – internal review and editing of the draft zoning code. April

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May 2020 Project Update

What We’ve Been Up To…. You may have noticed things have slowed down a bit on the ZoneDetroit project. Due to COVID-19 with stay home orders in place in Detroit and around the Country, the project schedule has been signficantly impacted.

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Final Zoning Analytic Report

The final Zoning Analytic report is here! Released on March 23, 2020, the Zoning Analytic provides a series of recommendations to address problems with the current Zoning Ordinance.

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18 and Under? Get Involved!

18 and Under? Get Involved, ZoneDetroit Needs Your Help The Detroit City Planning Commission is looking for strong youth engagement in the ZoneDetroit process. Do you know anybody 18 or younger interested in neighborhood planning or capacity building who might like to be a project ambassador?

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The Zoning Game

The Zoning Game The Zoning Game is a collaboration between the Detroit City Planning Commission, Code Studio and Interboro Partners, created specifically for the ZoneDetroit project.

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What We’ve Heard So Far

Since the project started, we have conducted 21 stakeholder interviews, 10 phone interviews, 4 Zoning Advisory Group (ZAG) meetings, and 10 public meetings.  

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ZoneDetroit will have a strong community engagement process that will involve a broad set of strategies to allow the greatest number of people to engage and interact with the process.The community engagement process for ZoneDetroit will be inclusive. A variety of engagement techniques will be used—including inventive, forward-looking techniques and traditional, time-tested ones—to solicit a wide range of feedback and to encourage active particaption. 

Project Ambassadors

What does it mean to be a ZoneDetroit Project Ambassador? Public engagement has a central role to play in helping the City reach its goals. Your support would help us to raise our profile locally, increase public debate and build local support for the many zoning issues affecting Detroit today.

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Public Events

A variety of public events will be held at various times throughout the project. Go check one out, go ask questions, go see what is being presented, go meet your neighbors, meet CPC staff involved, and most of all, provide your perspective.

The City Planning Commission is pleased to announce the start of an important project called ZoneDetroit. The project is led by an experienced team of planners from the City Planning Commission staff, supported by an expert team of consultants. ZoneDetroit will modernize the existing Zoning Ordinance, providing an opportunity to refresh and rethink the existing regulations. ZoneDetroit will engage the community as part of the process to ensure local values and preferences are reflected in the finished product.

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March 2020: Final Zoning Analytic
January 2020: CPC Parking Presentation
September 2019: Public Presentation Show
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